Surviving the Flu Blues

Day 276 of my incarceration . . . .oh wait, it’s really only day 3 . . . I think. Must check the scratching on the wall . . . .

WW-Co2-St2 On Stairway between Floor 2-3. Recent? 23 May 2013

Time has started to streeeetch and compress in very odd ways while I’m under a self imposed quarantine (read “house arrest”) with  a particularly nasty flu bug.  Self imposed isn’t the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Work has told me not to show my face until I am certified germ free – we are working on challenging deadlines on a big project and if half the project team came down with the flu . . .it’s not worth thinking about.  They did kindly, however, send my laptop and files home so I don’t feel left out  . . . oh well it gives me something to do.  Mi amour has also said he won’t grace my doorstep (or any other part of my charming abode) until such time as he won’t be contaminated with whatever virus has taken up residence in my respiratory tract . . . tres lonely solitary confinement for me.


Day 1 was just fine –  was sick enough that daytime TV was about my intellectual match.  Yes, it was that bad.  But as the days and hours crawl by, how to entertain myself?  Jesus be praised, someone invented NETFLIX!!  Have been indulging in marathon sessions of Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and other equally uplifting programming.  I know more ways to “double tap” a zombie than you can possibly imagine and I’m pretty sure the personal relationship I’ve developed with Darryl is a bit, ummmm, well inappropriate.

daryll zombie

But it’s not all zombies and methamphetamine – really. I’m such a geek I’m working my way through all the documentaries on Netflix.  Disasters climbing K2 – bring it on; dolphin tragedy – I’m in.  But my fav so far has been “Searching for Sugarman“, the film about a never-was Detroit R&B singer from the 60’s who, unbeknownst to him and the rest of the world, was bigger than either Elvis or the Beatles in apartheid South Africa.  It’s a fascinating story of what can happen in a completely closed society.  And about the ethics of the music industry. And about a man, Sixto Rodriguez, who is a modern day poet, saint, inspiration.  As A said, he writes like Dylan but has a better voice and plays guitar like James Taylor.  We enjoyed both the story and the music so much I downloaded both albums, “Cold Facts” and “Coming from Reality” and we are all set for the next road trip!

Have also been seriously abusing my iTunes account, catching up on all the music I’ve been too busy to check out. Had a bunch of “must listens” saved for just such an eventuality.  The standouts that are now in heavy rotation are Bahamas and Hooray for the Riff Raff.  Bahamas is a project of Toronto musician Alfie Jurvanen.  Love that vintage R&B sensibility.

Hooray for the Riff Raff play pure Americana with a touch of their hometown New Orleans blues.  St Roch Blues is shot in NOLA – it’s a visual as well as musical homage to that amazing city.  When I’m really homesick for my second home I watch this.

Other interweb flotsam and jetsam that has kept me riveted – Kim Kardashian’s severely photo shopped and surgically altered ass is apparently news again.  Ho hum . . . . really is this all we have to talk about?  Calvin Klein’s latest ad campaign features a “plus size” model – she wears, get this Size 10.  In whose demented world is this plus size???  And btw, if only I could have a body like Mila Dalbesio.  Thanks to B’more gal, JL,  for the online updates today, your crew always has the wittiest comebacks.


I would take that any day over Kate Moss’ anorexic heroin chic.  The fashion world must be dominated by a pathetic and bitter bunch of misogynists if this as the ideal of female beauty they want us to accept. Like old Ronnie Reagan said, Just Say No!


So kids, what can you take away from this?  Get your flu shots – be safe out there!!  It’s a nasty bug circulating and you could end up like me, losing track of time reality and days you will never get back.   Can’t wait to get back out into the real world!


Saddle Up Little Doggie

It’s been a while since I sat down to write, 10 months to be exact.  Spent this morning reading through some of my last posts and slowly but surely I started to remember why I do this.  It’s not that I’ve lost interest, but after not posting for so long the question I’ve been pondering is not just why, but HOW to get started again.  Which storyline do I pick up?  Which new stories do I add?  Do you start with a “here’s what I’ve been doing for the last year summary”.  An “I’m pissed off about this” or “Wow this is so awesome” post?   While I was contemplating these vagaries, I realized that what I was really doing was procrastinating.  If you want to write, well, just put pencil to paper (or I guess more accurately start tapping on the keyboard) and write some shit down.  I didn’t have a plan when I started blogging, so why do I need one now?  If the past is any measure of the future, once I start writing it’s like an addiction and stories just come flooding out.  Rarely when I start a post do I know where the story is going to go, they seem to take on a life of their own.  I’m also really encouraged that my little blog still gets regular traffic, I get new readers, followers and likes, despite being on extended hiatus.  And friends have been encouraging me to get back to writing, so it’s time to saddle up little doggie and get back at it.

Saddle Up Little Doggie

One of the biggest obstacles I had to get past was that the most important things going on in my life, the things that really mattered, that I really wanted to write about, were too fragile or too personal to risk by blogging about them.  There can be a  world of misunderstanding that’s damn near impossible to undo, relationships and careers can go seriously sideways, sometimes never to recover, if you get it wrong.  Or get it right from your perspective but missing a crucial piece of information, or maybe you made some assumptions but never tested them with truth and then, hello, now you have a mess to clean up.  Sometimes the dye is cast and there is no clean up, that ain’t no fun at all.  So instead of writing what felt like fill in fluff pieces, I just stopped.  Seems pretty dumb now, but then hindsight is always so clear, isn’t it!


That’s my serious intellectual hindsight graphic, but this is the one I that made me laugh out loud, cause it’s a whole lot more like how I really react.  One of my favourite expressions “well it seemed like a good idea at the time”.  Yup, uttered that deadpan phrase more than a few times.

hindsight really

So keystrokes have been struck, graphics have been purloined and some good music listened to.  It’s a start and as with all things in life, that’s all we have . . . a place to start.  The sun is shining, I’m inordinately pleased with myself for even this meagre little offering and I’m off to walk the seawall, catch up on some girl talk and grab a great coffee at Parallel 49.  And organize a dinner party for tonight – is roast lamb and paella really too much?  I’m in a cooking mood!


Can’t wait to see what stories come perking up from the last few months and in this new life of mine!  Dallas Green, otherwise known as City and Colour, has a new record out with Pink called Roseave.  An unlikely but lovely collaboration. You and Me.