Domestic Goddess Saturday Ramblings

So the holidays are really, well and truly over.  Starting undecorating this morning, which has prompted a fit of domestic goddessness.  Spent a fabulous morning listening to the entire discography of the astonishingly talented Ms. Amy Winehouse getting my domestic shizz well and truly in order.  What’s prompted this?  Well, I’ve had an unprecedented 4 straight weeks off the road and have slept the sleep of the just and contented in my own bed for more nights in a row than I’ve done since, well . . . February last year.  Feeling rested and ready to tackle 2014 and that’s a good thing cause I get a few more days and then the travelling roadshow gets back out there, hotels will start to feel like home again and airports like my carport. A week each in Montreal and then California coming up before the end of the month.  Montreal in January – who figured that out??  But Laguna Beach at the end of the month will make up in spades.

Here is Amy singing “Love is a Losing Game”, it’s so beautiful.  She was such an amazingly talented jazz singer, I’ll never understand how that piece of crap “I’m Not Going to Rehab” was her “big” hit.   It was rubbish, as my English friends would say and she has such an incredible jazz songbook.  So talented, so troubled, too soon gone.

Other Saturday morning randomness:

  1. A new pair of running shoes will shave 5 minutes off your previous best time and kill any hill the nasty North Shore can throw at you.  Santa said I needed some new running kicks for Christmas, threw in some sweet socks to complete the ensemble.  The new low profiles felt soooo light the 45 minute run flew by and endorphins like that will cure anything that is going on in your world.

photo (19)

  1. Laughed about this back in December, but the joke is now reality – I’m NOT taking down the twinkly lights!  I love them.  Sitting in front of the fire, good glass of Pinot in hand, reading and listening to some great music AND now I have twinkly lights too – it’s perfect!

photo (20)

  1. All those odds and ends and left over veggies in the fridge from Christmas and New Year had to be dealt with.  Also I’m sick of eating meat right now,  in need of vegetables, tofu and chick peas.  End result is a delicious vegetarian curry with sugar pumpkin, chick peas, eggplant, green beans, peppers, cilantro and of course, since it’s Vancouver,a big handful of kale!  Mmmm, what wine to pair for dinner, or maybe a trip to the craft beer store?  I’m thinking a Granville Island Winter Ale might be just right.

photo (21)

  1. There is no age limit on having a dress-up trunk.  All you need are some good reasons to wear those fancy costumes!  Found instructions on Pinterest to make this little beauty – off shopping for faux fur this afternoon to whip up a new costume for next weekend.  That should round out my domestic goddess activities quite nicely.

Fur tail

  1. None of this domesticity gets happening without some serious caffeine.  A friend turned me on to Moja Coffee earlier this year, it’s been powering me up ever since.  The only thing better than a Moja Americano is maybe an Americano from Lava Java in Kihei – but I’m not sure if it’s the coffee or location!


  1. Going to miss not having another one of these this winter . . .

photo (22)

Got out this week to see Blue Rodeo, a great Canadian band.  It was an interesting format, one that showed a ton of respect for their fans.   They are touring a new record, In Our Nature, and spent the first hour of the show playing almost the entire record.  It’s tough with bands who have loyal fans, all with favourite songs, from a 20+ year career, to play new music. Everyone wants to party to their old favourites.  So after taking a short break, they came out and played another hour and a half, plus no less than three encores, giving everyone exactly what they wanted.  Some new, some old, some favourites, some that are about to become new favourites.  Jim Cuddy pulled out an old song that he introduced by saying he doesn’t usually play it because it’s so sad and brings everyone down.  “Girl of Mine” was mesmerizing, you could have heard a pin drop.

Now your lipstick and your powder
They’re all put away in drawers
But the traces of our love affair
Still hide behind the doors
I lie awake afraid to sleep
Cause I see the face I knew I’d never keep

Wow,  I sure pulled out a couple of love gone wrong songs today . . . too much domesticity – time to go shopping for my furry tail.