My Karma, Your Karma, Whose Karma?

One of the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot is Justice.  In my deck, Justice is a woman and she is formal and severe in appearance.


The Justice card can be interpreted as dealing with the idea of karma, the law of cause and effect,  that all people and events are connected.  However, an important caveat is that the karma you may be dealing with might not be as a direct result of your own actions.  Sometimes you might have to deal with the results of the actions of someone close to you and this can be as difficult and demanding as dealing with karma of your own making.   The card can also evoke the need for fairness, balance and harmony in all aspects of our life and that we should treat not only others but ourselves this way.

I have always placed a great deal of faith in the idea of karma, both in my life and the lives of those close to, and around me.  In the moment, it’s not always easy to see why certain circumstances are working out a particular way, but in retrospect the balance and karma have seemed evident.  I’ve been saved from my own impulsiveness on more than one occasion by events that made no sense at the time, but in hindsight were the best possible outcome.   So when negative events start piling up in my life, it’s time to pay attention.  What, or more importantly whose, karma is playing out in my universe?   One piece of bad luck can be just that, bad luck, but when they start to add up, I start to wonder what influences are at work in my world?

This past weekend I had my wallet and phone stolen again – for the second time in 3 months.  Now maybe it’s just that “bad things come in 3’s” scenario, but just maybe there is something else playing out right now.  I’ve traveled a lot of the world, back-packed through most of SE Asia and the South Pacific, stayed for weeks at a time by myself in supposedly “dangerous” places with nary an incident.  Nothing lost, nothing stolen, nothing happened.  Now in two perfectly innocuous places at home I have all my important information stolen, not once, but twice.   When it happened in September it was opportunistic and other than the actual possessions, nothing was lost.  This time it was professionals and within an hour several thousand dollars had been siphoned out of my bank account and from credit cards.  Needless to say the police are now actively involved, surveillance video is being reviewed and I’m hoping that the banks and credit card companies will cover the losses.   Thanks to some good friends I made it home this weekend with borrowed cash, but I am once again without ID, credit cards, bank cards etc.  At least this time I didn’t lose anything really personal, oh wait, that’s because it was all stolen the first time.

Annoyed would be an understatement about how I feel.  I’m so angry I could spit.  And the casual comments of people today as I stood in one line after another to start replacing my ID and cards (for the second time) and who said,  “oh, you left a bag in a car” – well it was a locked and alarmed car, with tinted windows, the bag was under the seat and it was the middle of the day in a busy park with dozens of people walking by.  Would you feel safe there?  And the other one “oh you use the same PIN” – well sorry, I’m not Einstein.  I’m actually dyslexic and have a really difficult time remembering numeric combinations, so yes, I use the same PIN so I don’t have to write it down.  It’s not my date of birth, or my address or a pattern on a key pad, it’s completely random, but I do use the same one – my bad I guess.  No-one, not the bank, not the police or the credit card companies can explain how my PIN has been hacked, but it sure as heck was.  So now I just say, oh yes, I did all those things, but you know what SOMEONE STOLE FROM ME.  I’m not the criminal here.

credit card

And back to karma.  That’s two really nasty incidents in 3 months.  I can’t think of anything that would qualify as the 3rd, so does that mean I’ve got more fun and games coming down the cosmic pipeline at me?   And what do I need to clean up in my life to restore some harmony and balance?   Whose karma is this anyway?   Time for some personal reflection and careful consideration as the year turns over.  And maybe a more cheerful blog on New Years Day – that’s my resolution – get over it girl!

And for those of you wondering, I guess I have outed myself, yes I read the Tarot.  I learned from a very interesting and welcoming group of people in New Orleans last year.  I’m still a novice, but learning all the time.  It’s fascinating.

Music tonight, that was a tough one, but how about some Foo’s – nothing like some Dave G to put a smile back on my face.  The Foo Fighters – The Pretender.

What if I say I’m not like the others, what if I say I”m not just another one of your plays?