Inflection Points

Driving home from work tonight I was, suddenly, inexplicably, crying.  Ok, I’m tired and stressed out at work, but not THAT tired and stressed out.  I had just sent a text to my daughter saying “have fun, love you” (I was stopped at a light . . .really) and boom, black streaks of Maybelline . . .

My little baby is graduating from university this month. She is all done classes, assignments, group projects, the whole shooting match and on May 23rd she officially graduates.  To celebrate her grad, she left tonight for Coachella, in Indio, California, one of the biggest music festivals in North America. Yup, she’s her momma’s daughter.  We tossed around a few ideas of what she might want for a grad gift, then settled on the trip to Coachella.  Experiences, not things, that’s my girl.   She’s headed for weekend 2 with a headband of flowers.  Love it!!


And what am I doing?  Let’s see.  I took on a new job at work.  Uncle Sam and Homeland Security willing, it’s going to be US based.  Yup, that’s right, I might finally be relocating south of the border.  My visa/green card application is with the lawyers right now.  And I’m leaving on Friday for a “look see” trip to one of my prospective new homes, Richmond, Virginia.  There are a couple of other options, one in Calgary and one in Washington State, but Virginia is (I think) my first choice.  I’m spending Saturday with a real estate agent looking at neighbourhoods and apartments, then meeting up with friends to see if Richmond is fun!  Holy crap, it feels really real all of a sudden, after a very long time of being in limbo.  Small Travels and Musings has a great blog on Church Hill, my first choice neighbourhood in Richmond.


Got a whirlwind tour of our manufacturing plants coming up next week: Richmond, Virginia, Lexington, Kentucky and Atlanta, Georgia.  Should be a a pretty interesting 10 days all in.  On Tuesday I’ll be driving from Virginia to Kentucky – it’s about 500 miles through the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Last night I serenaded the same poor Coachella kid with my rendition of “Country Roads”.  West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River.  OMG, it will be like a having a teenage memory come to life.  I can remember as clearly as if it was yesterday standing by the tennis courts at my high school in Cairns, Queensland, Australia with my girl friends and we were all singing that self-same John Denver song.  Now I’m going there. Wow.


The fixer up guy is coming next week to take care of all those handyman bits and pieces around my place in Vancouver to get it ready for listing and sale.  I plan to buy another, smaller place here in Vancouver so I always have a home base (and don’t get out of the market here!!).  But we are moving.  There is a LOT going on.

Daughter’s graduation, new jobs for both of us, new homes for both of us, maybe a new country for me.  Inflection points.

If all this comes to pass, I’m thinking I’m going to have at least one or two days when I’m going to miss a whole lot of faces like hell.  The Head and the Heart “Rivers and Roads”


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