Vegas: 10 Days in 10 Minutes

I’m disappointed with my blogging output.  Been stupidly busy and on the road a lot – as someone pointed out, I’ve been on the road 5 of the last 8 weeks.  Soooo, I came up with a way to keep up my blogging, even with a schedule that is not about to let up.  There is speed dating, so why not speed blogging.  Hell yes!  Posts that take me no longer than 30 minutes to write and no longer than 10 minutes to read.  I’m going to have to be crafty about uploading photos at a different time, but I know it can be done.  I have to tame my natural inclination to verbosity (oops, first fail away).

Here’s my first attempt at speed blogging – a round up of 10 days in Las Vegas in 10 minutes.  Let’s go . . . .

Why 10 days you ask?  No sane person goes to Lost Wages for more than 4 days.  Short answer = work.  6 days working at a conference and since I was there anyway and it was my birthday, just didn’t seem right to leave!

How tired was I?  Words fail me.  Seriously.  While we are “in conference” it means I get up at 5am, I’m fully suited up, made up, hair done and down in the meeting rooms by 6:30am (perfection takes time y’all).  Work the conference till 5pm.  “Breaks” are the times I work hardest – there are no breaks for me.  Roll right into the evening event – a formal dinner, a fully produced night of entertainment – whatever craziness we have dreamed up.  If I’m lucky I get 20 minutes to walk the mile and a half to my room (Vegas casinos), throw on a clean cocktail dress and run a brush through the tresses.  Work the evening event and then a bit of networking (that’s what we call hanging out in the bar drinking martinis) and hopefully fall down exhausted by midnight.  Do it all again for the next 4 days.  Seriously tired by the end of that marathon!

Birthday weekend in Sin City – Top 10 List.

1.  Favourite places to stay:  Paris because it’s just fabulous and you feel like you are in Paris.  Tropicana because it’s small and doesn’t take a half hour and three loops around the casino floor to find the elevator to your room, only to find you are in the wrong freaking tower.  Try navigating MGM at 4am after a few cocktails.  Might as well sleep under a blackjack table.


2.   Favourite place to shoot photos:  Fremont East at sunset.  All that fabulous old neon glowing in the purple sunset.  Perfectly magical.

Viva Lost Wages 125

3.  Favourite gambling casino:  Four Queens on Fremont.  Low, low limit tables ($2 roulette!) and the very best, old Vegas atmosphere.  Had my best run of luck ever on roulette there.

4.  Thunder Downunder or Chippendales?  No contest, have to go with my Australian mates, it’s Thunder for me.

5.  Most Glamorous Cocktail Bar:  Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan.  All those ropes of pink, sparkly, glittery glamour.   It’s like being in princess fantasy.  And the Cosmopolitan’s are killer.

photo (7)

6.  Worst show in Vegas:  BITE, the adult vampire show at Stratosphere.  Tacky, tacky, tacky.  Worst show I’ve ever seen.


7.   Best tequila bar:  the Tequila Bar at Bally’s. After midnight shots and tacos are $1.  No further explanation required.

8.  Favourite luxury:  Getting picked up by limo at the airport when you arrive late at night.  Nothing says Vegas like a limo from the airport.

9.  Best Beer Bar:  There isn’t one.  Seriously.  It’s getting better, but Vegas is a cocktails and stupidly expensive wine town.  There are a few places starting to stock good beer, but they are few and far between.  Quinn’s Irish Pub at Green Valley Ranch had a great selection, Public House at Luxor and Venetian are not bad and I really like the beer at Sin City Brewery, but it’s a limited selection.

photo (6)

10.  Best music venue:  The music scene is really bad in Vegas, there is no small, local venue with great indie talent.  Your best hope is that there is someone decent on tour, the weather is warm and you can go to one of the outdoor, poolside concert venues.  If nothing else, they are a whole lot of fun.  Sandbar at Red Rocks Casino is spectacular.


10.  Favourite off-Strip things to do:  Hiking Red Rocks Canyon.  It’s even more amazing than than the pictures.  Horseback riding in the desert.  Quiet, spectacular, stunning – get your cowgirl happening.  Neon Museum off Frement in Old Vegas.  I love neon and I love old Vegas, home of the 99 cent shrimp cocktail.  Sometimes I have 3 or 4!

Viva Lost Wages 090

11.  Best late night pizza joints  (I know, I’m up to 11, but I HAVE TIME!).  New York, New York or Paris.  Different but both are amazing.  Love me some 3am pizza.

12.  Most romantic place ever:  Mon Ami Gabi at Paris.  Oysters and champagne.  Views of the Bellagio fountains.  Gaze up at the Eiffel Tower.  Perfect.

photo (8)

Love it or hate it, there’s nowhere like it in all it’s overblown, oversized, Jersey Shore tacky splendour.  Vegas, baby.