Well Deck my Halls

Back when I thought I was going to have a quiet Christmas and New Year, I thought I’d spend at least some of my time catching up on my blogging.  Looks like it’s no rest for this little Christmas fairy though . . .I have two trips between now and January 1!  Fantastic.  But I had at least managed to put together my personal round-up of Christmas songs done with enough talent, style and rock and roll sensibility that they won’t make you gag on your eggnog.  Probably not your standard list, but I love them.

Up first – from Oslo, Norway, the Cocktail Slippers with  Last Christmas. 

Ah, those crazy boys from the duuurrty South – Family Force 5 – Christmas Pageant

And their 2010 Christmas Pageant – those boys are sure growing up purty!

This one’s a bit of a cheat, but American Thanksgiving is almost Christmas here in Canada, it was a great weekend in my life and I love this version of LadyGaga’s You and I. . “something about my cool American guy” .

I’m a huge fan of a little known singer/songwriter from Florida/Nashville by the name of Chris Nathan.  Unsigned, basically unknown, but with more talent than half the people on the Billboard Top 40.  I’ve posted a bunch of his videos, here’s the little Christmas serenade he sent out on Facebook tonight.  His voice just kills me.

Chris Nathan

And for the crazy Springsteen fans out there (Donna) here’s Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen doing Run, Run Rudolph.  Pretty standard JBJ schlock,  but if you can hang in there till about 1.37 the Boss kills it with his  guitar solo, making the whole blurry, hand-held mess worthwhile.

Wouldn’t be my list if Billy Joe and the boys from Green Day didn’t make it on.  This one sounds like they recorded it on their iPhone – but the pictures alone make it priceless. Santa Claus is coming to Town – Green Day style.

You know it had to be in here . . .he’s the original rock god.  Elvis – Blue Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope your year has been as interesting, intriguing and inspiring as mine.   This time last year I could not have imagined how it would have changed, Batman glitter shirts and all.  Wow.


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