Happy Anniversary

A year ago today I published my first blog post. What a year it’s been.  86 posts to date with an incredible 353 subject tags and more than 2,500 views.   Have to say I’m more than a little proud of that.  I was sitting here thinking “I’m pretty sure I’ve posted every week for an entire year” when it occured to me:   52 weeks in a year / 86 posts = more than one post per week.  Wow.   (note: math is not my strong suit).  Still haven’t been  Freshly Pressed – I’d probably have more luck  if I was more focused and had only say 50 subject tags – guess I have to write for another year.       

When I started writing my blog about living by my own rules,  Colouring Outside the Lines was my very first post.   I just went back and read that post for the first time in a long time and you know what – it’s still all true.  I wouldn’t change a word and I’m so glad I went back to remind myself of why I started.   Blogging is one of the most personally rewarding things I’ve ever done.   It hasn’t all been a sea of congratulations – I’ve had to take some criticism and I’ve been taken to task more than once for my opinions.  But  I read,  I think, I talk and I write.   And I love doing it all.  One of my more outspoken friends posted this pic on her FB Wall – in the time I’ve known her she’s been more than a little political, more than a little outspoken, but always totally interesting.  I love reading her posts every day because it’s the differences that make the world so fascinating.  Imagine if we all thought, believed and acted in exactly the same way?   Very positively reinforcing, but boring as all f**k.   And I don’t really want my friends and readers to go away –  I need you all – I just thought this was funny – but that probably makes me weird, right?

What else did I do this year – well I quit my job and got a new one.  That was one of my early posts,   Holy S**t I Quit My Job.  Might have been the best, smartest move I ever made.  It involved a HUGE leap of faith, but I haven’t regretted it for one second.  I’m working harder than I’ve ever done, but I’m learning more and it’s just so damn interesting. Even the tough days are interesting (ok, today when I wanted to cry was a stretch, but I’m over it. Just tired.  Need a vaca).  And I’d rather be challenged than bored, so all in, I can’t wait to see what the next year brings

I’ve done some crazy stuff – like a LOT of crazy stuff.   When I first started doing things like say . . following my favourite bands around on tour . . .it seemed really  crazy and out there.  I’d been living this totally predictable life where people simply did not do things like go on tour with a band.   And I was dying inside.  But now that I know I”m not alone, and in fact have met so many people  who love to do things like see their favourite musicians a whole bunch of times, who think that going to music festivals is pretty much the best way ever invented to spend a summer weekend – it’s not that strange anymore. I just needed to broaden my horizons.    Check out We’re not Groupies, We’re Band-Aids, that was a great night.

I’ve traveled – OMG, have I traveled.  Kayaking in the Sea of Cortez – Halloween and New Years in Vegas (technically those were in two different years, ok!), white water rafting trips, California – San Francisco is officially my favourite city anywhere – camping at Warped Tour at the Gorge  – that was completely over the top.  And upcoming . . .well off to Cabo on Sunday for some “sunshine and alcohol”  – look out Squid Row, here we come.  And finally – the most epic festival of them all – Burning Man.  Cannot  wait.  Hope we survive to tell the tales – and that there is anything at all that is publishable!!!   We all have choices, I made mine.  Not to say it’s for everyone,  just that it’s for me and I’m loving it.   (that’s the caveat on shooting off my mouth, yet again). 

I’ve written some funny posts  and I’ve written some very personal posts – Fragile Bird just wouldn’t get out of my head until I wrote it out.   Sometimes I shoot from the hip with whatever I’m thinking, or is really pissing me off –  my blog is a great form of therapy – so it’s pretty much a given that going forward I’m going to be eating my words more than once.  And if I was wrong about a few things (haha, not if – I was!!)  . . .oh well, it was totally worth it.   I never said I got it all right, all the time.   I’m making this up as I go.  And in the end it’s the act of writing that I love,  so I plan to keep on writing until I run out of things to say. 

If the past year has been one of reinvention, or more properly, rediscovery, then I truly can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for me.  There are some interesting turns on the road ahead and if I can say that about my life, then I must be doing something right.  Stay tuned. 

I got a second chance to live the life I choose, on my terms, and I really did grab hold of it for all it’s worth.  

On heavy rotation . . .I was recently introduced to the incredible Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.   Wow, totally blown away with both her voice and attitude.   Love listening to the “Live at the Fillmore” record (it’s San Francisco!) on my morning commute – a bit of rock ‘n roll attitude to start the grey flannel day.


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