A Day of Remembrance 11.11.11

Putting aside all personal beliefs about war and the military, a letter published today in the Vancouver Sun spoke to me of the sacrifices of so many, and the grief of those left behind.  Thank you, Jean Hubbard, for reminding us of the personal sacrifices we should honour, regardless of our political convictions. 

I’m an 85 year old Second World War veteran.

When I”m asked if I will be marching in the Remembrance Day parade I say “No, I’ll be at home watching the Vancouver and Ottawa services on the TV with a box of Kleenex beside me”.

I will weep in memory of my father and father-in-law, who both fought in the First World War at Vimy Ridge.  They survived, but suffered from being gassed.

I will weep for both my husbands who fought overseas in the Second World War.  Tom was in the Tank Corp. He died of cancer at age 45.

John was with the Seaforths, suffered from shrapnel in both legs and died at age 85 of a heart problem.

I will remember my own two years in the Canadian Women’s Army Corp. (CWAC) and how proud I was to serve.

When The Last Post sounds I will stand at attention and say “We will remember them”.

Jean Hubbard, Vancouver.  Published November 11, 2011, Vancouver Sun.

I will be remembering my (former) in-laws, my daughter’s grandparents.   Her Grandpa Dave who passed last year, but was a proud Canadian war veteran who served in England.  And my thoughts will be with my mother in law, Paige’s Grandma Joan, an English war bride who, like so many young English girls, sailed for Canada after the war to follow their new husbands. After arriving in Montreal she travelled by train all the way across the country to Red Deer, Alberta and made her home in the Calgary area, far from her family in England. 

Here’s the Goo’s Not Broken which they wrote to honour US veterans of all wars.



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