PDA – is it ever acceptable?

Public displays of affection – is there ever an acceptable time and a place?  Well maybe . . .but they are few and far between.  The famous Alfred Eisenstaedt photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square at the end of WWII is an iconographic image that captured perfectly the exuberant spirit of the time and place.

Times Square Kiss

I’m all for a warm welcome at the airport, or a loving goodbye when you drop someone off, but being treated to this while I’m out for a run – hmmmm, can you say “get a room”?  And if you want a laugh, Google “public displays of affection” and check out the images – wow, who even knew some of that was actually possible – but I don’t want the porno police blocking me!


And now we can also enjoy PDA online thanks to egregious displays of affectation (pun intended) posted on the walls of the newly in love gushing on our News Feed  . . .

“you are the best <3”

“no you are the best ❤ <3”

“I’m with my bestie ❤ [insert tagged name] ❤ at [insert name of mediocre chain restaurant]”

All with the requisite snuggle bunny photos of the newly twosome posted on an hourly basis. 

Don’t they have jobs?  And really, did we all need to know that?    The comments go back and forth between the newly love struck, usually without comment from friends, making me think that I’m not the only one gagging at all the PDA.  Time to take action and block it.  The only sure thing about PDA is that it will wear off sooner rather than later, then they can look back on all that and wonder, like the rest of us, what the *&#@ was I thinking?

PDA not amused

And although it’s not a mutual PDA, there is another PDA that needs to stop – and right away.  If you’ve been out dancing with your girlfriends at a club or a concert anytime recently, you have probably been subjected to someone else’s PDA – as in those annoying, creepy guys who want to dance right up on you.  There you are, having a great time with your girlfriends, rocking out to the awesome music and some guy thinks it’s ok to get right up behind you and press his junk, onto your trunk.  Hell no, there is not enough tequila in the world for that – get that thing off of me creepy boy.  No-one has a better answer for the creepy dancing boy than the lovely and talented, Jenna Marbles.  Fair warning, Jenna has a potty mouth, so don’t click on the video if you are easily offended.  Otherwise, her YouTube channel is hilarious.

In thinking about a musical theme for tonight’s post, I came across yet another form of PDA – self PDA (once again, Google that . . .OMG!). And who better to treat us to a squirmy display of self love than Adam Levine.  The song is catchy, no doubt about it and despite being no fan of Maroon 5 I always find myself singing  along, but what the heck is he doing with the mic cord in those plether (or in Vancouver “vegan leather”) pants?  Sorry Adam, no matter what your ❤ bestie ❤ told you, only Mick has the moves.

And my dear friends, should that time come that I suffer from the temporary insanity of new lust and take to indulging in either online or live-in-person displays of PDA – well you can just send this blog right on back to me and remind me of this.   


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