Wasting Time isn’t always Wasted Time

Took a day off today from corporate slavery, for no other reason than I needed one.  Not a weekend full of chores and errands (ok and maybe a wee bit of fun) but just a mental health day to stay home and do whatever the hell I pleased.  Or nothing at all, either way, no commitments.  Best thing I’ve done in a long time and here’s how it went . . .

Woke up at 7:30am – might not seem that late, but since I get up at 5:30am, those extra 2 hours rocked.  And the true luxury – I spent the next 2 hours just lying in bed, drinking tea and reading.  OMG, so incredible.   I’m totally immersed in an amazingly good  book called “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak.  Nazi Germany is not usually a subject I’d pick up, but because the story is about survival through a love of words and reading, it has really grabbed me.  His style is unusual – the book has random quotes and pencil drawings throughout, but it makes it very real and present.   Here is one of the pencil drawings that has stayed with me.

from the hand painted story "The Standing Man"

One of my favourite passages (it’s about a young girl finally learning to read, but it could equally apply to writing stories or songs)  goes like this:

“…the words were on their way, and when they arrived, Leisel would hold them in her hands like the clouds, and she would wring them out like the rain”. 

That I’d ever be a good enough writer to craft a perfect sentence like that**sigh**

I’ve been on a record buying binge over the last few weeks – I fear my favourite place to spend a lunch hour, HMV Records on Robson Street, is closing down so I’ve been buying up all the records I’ve always wanted.  Soon I fear  iTunes will be my only option, which sucks.  I still like to actually go to the store, browse the racks and bring home a new CD, pop it in and play it while browsing the liner notes and artwork.   iTunes just doesn’t compare.  Call me a dinosaur.    As a result, I have a pile of CD’s stacked up, so I decided I should curate my iTunes (I do love my iPod, call me contrary!) and tidy up the piles of music lying around.

When I uploaded the pic I realized I’d caught an old skiing picture in the background.  I was going to edit it out, but heck, I love that photo, which was taken at something like 10,000 + feet up on a glacier  in the Cariboos on a spectacular heli ski day more than a couple of years ago.   No editing required. 

So iTunes is curated (everything uploaded, synced, ready for the road trip) and then I had to find space in the tower for all the good new stuff.   That meant a bit of  sort . . .and look at the gem I  came across.  Hahahah, seriously, was I drunk at a hippie festival one day?????   Pan flute music, nice …..ok, so what is the very worst thing you have on your shelves?

Even on a down day I’m a compulsive multi-tasker, so catching up on some You Tube vid’s I’d been meaning to watch seemed like a good layering activity while uploading and syncing music.  I was at bootcamp earlier this week (I’m still sore – she’s a beast) and there was a great song playing while we were lying on the floor stretching.  I know, most people would be thinking stuff like “lying on the floor is the best thing I’ve done all night” and “is this torture nearly over”, but I was thinking, “wow, great lyric, what IS that song“.  Quick lyric search and it turns out it’s an Adele cover of an old song by The Cure called “Lovesong”.  The lyric that I can’t get out of my head is “you make me feel like I am fun again”.  Isn’t that a great thing to think about  a new lover or an old friend – or both as the case may be . . .well,   Adele is not my usual style, but since this is stuck in my head, you get to listen in too!

I got caught up on a trailer that had been posted on my FB  for a new documentary called “The Other F Word”  that “explores punk fatherhood”.   It has some truly great one liners about the contradictions involved in growing up as teenage anarchists and then becoming a parent and figuring out how to be a good authority figure for your kids when you have stuff like “F**K Authority tattooed on your neck . . .it looks really good.  

You know I'll be waiting for this one to open

The  film  features (among others) Jim Lindgren (formerly of Pennywise) and now with The Black Pacific.  Caught them at Warped Tour and we were blown away.  Going to see them later this month opening for Rise Against, because, after all, it’s Rocktober. 

Here’s the trailer and a short preview on Rolling Stone. (apologies for the ad . . . blame Vevo)

The only task I had left to finish was to pack for my weekend away in Seattle.  We are headed to the White River amphitheatre in Auburn for the Uproar Festival featuring Avenged Sevenfold and Three Days Grace.   Hell yeah, a full day long metal festival, I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED!!!!

Doing a meet and greet with TDG in the afternoon – taking my Sharpie and getting some autographs and (with any luck!!) a fab new pic for my profile.  What’s not to love ❤

And because this is a bonanza of videos sort of blog, here’s A7X’s video for “Nightmare”.   OMG, it’s going to be even better than Warped.  

And that’s how I wasted a perfectly good day off.    My smile couldn’t get any bigger.   And I’m betting it’s the only post ever with A7X and Adele one the same page.


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