It was a really good day

I worked a long day today – 11 straight hours in one meeting – from 7am until 6pm.  Then went out for an amazing dinner and drank an unreasonably expensive, but incredibly good, bottle of Pinot.  It was exhilarating and exhausting in equal parts.  I was enthralled with the sunset from the bridge on the way home, not only because it was stunning, but because it was the first time today I got to see what a gorgeous summer day it was and who knows how many more we might have in this the afternoon of the year, to quote Mr. Thoreau.

It was a very good day. If I didn’t have to do it all over again tomorrow, I’d stay up and write more. That and maybe I’d be tempted to write and post with a certain lowering of inhibitions. . . . 

It was a really good day.  

And for every one of those that rolls my way, I’m so thankful.  

Here’s a song I love from Train – it’s not deep, it’s not dark, it’s not tormented, but the image of a parachute . . .washing the words and pain away . . .beautiful.


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