Decisions, random thoughts and horoscopes

I’m drowning in writing ideas at the moment, but struggling to find a way in.   It’s driving me crazy having the storyline humming away in my brain with no way out.  So for now, some random scribblings – sometimes it gets me where I’m going . . .even if I don’t know where that is yet.

1.   I don’t usually get too much into my horoscope – well unless I really like what it says, then I’m all over it.    When I logged into iGoogle this morning, this was the horoscope for Aquarius, the quirkiest sign . . . that was quirky, not kinky . . though that might be applicable too . . .  And these were the first 3 images that came up when I searched for an Aquarius image – just what exactly is going on?   So I’m running with this for the day,  the week, or the year until some of it plays out, cause I’m really digging this one!  The universe telling me to follow my crazy ideas – like I needed encouragement. 

Your key planet Uranus can often be emotionally detached, but today it brings a sudden awakening of attraction and desire as it squares aesthetically pleasing Venus. But you’re not drawn to the same old things; instead, do something that pulls you into new territory. For now, the crazier your idea, the more satisfaction you can derive from acting on it.

2.   I need a new computer, this one is dying and it doesn’t have a web cam.   See 1. above.

3.  Be careful what you wish for, it can have unforeseen consequences.  If you are putting energy out there into the Universe about making changes, make sure you put out the right energy or at least carefully focused energy.  Otherwise you can find yourself going East, when you were thinking West. 

4. To stay or to go?    It will be a great weekend in Vancouver with another big event, Vancouver’s 125th Celebration, going on in Stanley Park over 3 days with lots of  entertainment and free, live concerts.   What’s not to love about Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts and Spirit of the West outdoors, on a sunny summer night in Vancouver.  Classic.

But my favourite dragonboat regatta of the season is on in Nanaimo this weekend as well.   Unfortunately still no miraculous recovery of the torn wrist ligaments so no paddling yet, but Nanaimo has, every year,  the most fun beer garden/dance party ever.   Gorging Dragons, Navy Dragon Anchors, Shibumi . . .add sunshine and alcohol and you have a recipe for a whole lotta  fun  . . .at least it always worked out that way in the past. . . .just saying.   And it’s an easy ferry ride on Saturday morning.   Hmmmm, feeling a bit bored and restless – see 1. above.     

That's how it's done
I came across this absolutely hysterical “recruitment” video from those crazy Navy guys.   But seriously, if you are offended by bad language and raunchy humour  (I’m not and its my blog) don’t click on this video.  I’m not kidding.  (and it that doesn’t make you want to watch, I’m not sure what will!)

5.  Home alone again.   My lovely daughter, who just got back from 3 months in Australia, is heading off to a friends cabin for a week.  I thought I’d be despondent, but I sort of got used to living alone.   Love her to bits, but another week of freedom and no responsibilities.  Hmmm, sounding pretty good to me.   And more time to work on 1. above. 

6.  I should be responsibly getting organized for the week-long camping and whitewater rafting trip coming up near the end of July . . .nope, not feeling very responsible.   It must be that crazy Uranus squaring with Venus . . . what other explanation could there be?  Lovin’ it that my blog got back to being a bit past Normal, this is NOT going to get me Freshly Pressed but I sure enjoyed writing it.

Today’s song could only be Third Eye Blind.   Out there with the Wounded, my fingers catch the sparks.


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