Is that my future calling?

A smart man said to me recently that success is predicated less on having the best strategy and more on executing that strategy with excellence. That smart man is my boss and he is not only smart, but well read and very successful; I learn as much in a 15 minute chat with him over coffee as a lot of MBA’s do in an entire course and I think that makes me really fortunate, so I keep my ears open.

What he said about execution resonated with me because it has occurred to me that the same principle applies in my personal life.   It’s not enough to know what I want to do or become or even have an excellent plan for getting there.  In the end, what is most important is to execute that roadmap diligently and with excellence.

The theme of my blog has always been about charting a new course in my life.  I’ve gone through a renaissance in the last few years, I’ve rewritten the course of my life and remade it in a direction that makes me happy, every single day.   Having accomplished that  there are still some goals, big and small, that I think about on an almost daily basis.

1.   Take a long trip.  

Not a week in Mexico, or a fast and furious 5 days in Vegas, but a long backpacking trip.   The South Pacific and Australia or Nepal would be my top choices, although Greece/Turkey/Croatia/Italy is not also not a bad sounding route.   And by long I’m thinking 3 months or more.  Long enough to really get away and get into rhythm of the road.  One of my favourite books is the Pillars of Hercules by Paul Theroux.  I guess because I love both travel and reading so much, it’s not a huge stretch that Paul Theroux, that most literate of travel writers, is one of my favourites and this version of his own Grand Tour through the war-torn, the vulgar and the beautiful, juxtaposed against some of the best literature of the countries he visits,  is a one I have read over and over again.

A truly great read

2.   Downsize. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live, but the reality is it’s too big.  I just don’t need to be taking up this much of a footprint.   And it seems to be human nature that however much space we have, we collect enough “stuff” to fill that up.  So, although I’m fairly parsimonious by some standards,  I feel like I have too much space and too much stuff.   I’d love to get down to a 2-bedroom condo and no more “stuff” than will comfortably fit in that space.  I’ve already downsized once but I still feel like I have just too much damn stuff.   Fewer possessions means more mobility; the more you own, the more you are tied down by those possessions, so conversely in a strange way Goal #2 relates directly to Goal #1.

3.   Getting published – yeah, me and every other blogger out there.

I love to write and I make the time to do it, no matter what else is neglected (sleep, dogs, children, vacuuming (actually I don’t give a rat’s about that one).  But there are a lot of good writers out there and they have good stories to tell.   I’m not at all sure that what I have to say is interesting enough or that I’m talented enough to get it down on paper.  And how to form the random stories into a coherent whole, and then get it published?   It will take time, a really good strategy and truly excellent execution. 

But, not to be deterred,  I’ve come up with a potential short-cut;  I may never write a great piece of CanLit (or any other type of Lit for that matter) but I’m pretty sure I’d be a whiz bang at writing Romance novels, and particularly the racier type with lots of throbbing and heaving bits.  And, best of all, I’d probably have to do LOTS of research.   Now that’s what I’d call a WIN/WIN situation.  

My future is calling

I think I hear my future calling;  Goal #3 would allow me to completely indulge Goals # 1 and #2, so I guess I better get started on that research, and you know, if it comes to nothing, I won’t be thinking of it as wasted time . . really.

Now that’s what I call great execution.

In Heavy Rotation: on a friend’s recommendation I picked up a copy of City and Colours new record, Little Hell.  Wow, I’m totally entranced, captivated, blown away.    To be brave enough to write lyrics with that much honesty and vulnerability – amazing.  I just love the reverb guitar sound Dallas Green is working and his voice – like silver bells.   Finding new (to me)  music that I love this much is bit like an early Christmas present, so thank you.  Check it out – the title track is fantastic, but there isn’t a bad song on the record.  My personal fav . . .tough to pick . .but it’s probably “We Found Each Other in the Dark”.  The new single is “Fragile Bird”

And in a completely serendipitous moment (don’t you just LOVE those) City and Colour is playing at the VOODOO Experience Music Festival in New Orleans, on Halloween.   Just to make sure I have it right, a punk/alternative music festival on Halloween, in New Orleans.  Voodoo on the Bayou – colour me tickled pink!!!   It has something called the “Social Aid and Pleasure Club” I’ve just signed up for email updates – bet those won’t be dull as dishwater spam.   

Voodoo on the Bayou, hell yeah

Hello, there’s my future calling me again.  . . . .


2 thoughts on “Is that my future calling?

  1. Thanks so much Lyn, it’s always great to hear that other people enjoy my scribbles, and I had a great time writing it – I found the Voodoo on the Bayou concert as I was putting it together, which was such a gem. I had been talking with another music loving friend about a trip to New Orleans, now we have a perfect reason to go.

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