Social Post Moderators Wanted (via White Elephant in the Room)

When I sat down to write tonight, I thought I was indulging in the ultimate bloggers cheat – reblogging someone else’s great idea. But it’s turned out to be less of a cheat and more of a door opener – I’ve been most uncharacteristically suffering from writer’s block and this post has given me a way into my post  and a form to write around.  It’s not unusual for me to have a whole bunch of ideas but to lac  a form, a story, one great line to hang those ideas on –  and that’s the tough part to come up with.

This writer’s block thing really sucks.  Yeah, I know, not exactly English Lit – but it does, it sucks.  When I first started writing I had, and this is the most accurate term I can come up with, a muse.   An inspiration that got me started writing and who I often wrote TO.   Not about, because I don’t think that’s the role of a muse, but I’d write with my muse in mind, try out ideas and phrases, see how it would sound to them.   Ideas came to me and I’d write like I was telling it to them, and it’s been a fantastic way to shape my writing, my ideas, my thoughts.  Now I’m writing without that benefit, and I have to say, its tough.   But it’s one of the things I left behind  . . .so I’m now flying without a net.  Damn it. 

But it occurred to me as I started to write tonight that  “no muse” is not quite right, or maybe not completely right.  The other part is that this year had become for me a year of consolidation.  After three years of constant change, upheaval and drama I’m now consolidating all those changes.   Everything of significance in my life has changed – my marriage, my home, my job, my family – and me.  I barely recognize myself or my life anymore and I am intoxicated by that.  But after all the change, all the drama, all the excitement, I’m settling into my new routine and new life.  And settling is tough.  I’m such a junkie that I keep thinking up new ways to generate some excitement and drama – yup, that’s emotionally healthy, don’t I know it.

Who wouldn't rather be here . . Whitsunday Islands, Australia

 Taking a 2 – 3 month leave of absence and going traveling  – I”m SOOOOO captivated by that idea right now.   I keep getting updates from my daughter, who as I write is sailing and diving in the Whitsunday’s in Australia, and all I want to do is pack a bag and get out on the road for a while – a long while.   But six months into a new job – I don’t think they would really be thrilled if I asked for 3 months off.   So I will have to possess myself in patience, plan and wait.  And maybe throw a little drama in there from time to time – like say maybe a trip to Vegas!!!  Hell yes, Vegas baby. Heading to Sin City on June 1 – planning on stirring up a little excitement in my life. 

Vegas Baby - what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

And here is the original blog I was reposting  – it’s a funny take on those people who feel the need to post status updates about the everyday moments in their life, but without benefit of humour, thought or some decent writing.  I’m lucky that most of my friends have really interesting lives and their status updates are funny, interesting and informative.   They travel so I get to travel vicariously with them and sigh over the exotic locales in their photos, they have interesting hobbies, so I get to learn about diving and triathlon and wine tasting and miniatures and dozens of other interesting things.  They have beautiful children and I love to see how a new generation of parents are doing it.  And they are funny – some of those late night mobile uploads are just hilarious  – and no you didn’t dream it, you really did it!!!   There are one or two who post scintillating updates about how they love coffee and Justin Bieber and just ordered pizza, but those are thankfully scarce on my FB . . .so thanks to my friends for being so interesting, I love hearing about your lives and enjoying a vicarious thrill.

The wingchick and I got out to see a really excellent punk show last week, the headliners were one of her favourite “back in the day” Vancouver punk bands, The Pointed Sticks.  And although they certainly look a lot different than these still shots from 1978  they still sound fantastic.  Thanks guys!

Social Post Moderators Wanted In my social networks, I have a few friends with consistently fantastic, virtual-high-five-worthy status updates. They crack me up, they teach me new things, and they challenge me to up my game. So it is with no length of time spent and little deliberation that I’ve determined a new level of checks and balances should be introduced to our social networks. It’s time to place a moratorium on social freedom of speech. Much like the first comment pos … Read More

via White Elephant in the Room


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