All The Things That We Left Behind

We are because we remember.  As each new present blinks out, its heart is weighed and then judged, preserved in mental amber or consumed.    Myla Goldberg, The False Friend

The great thing about dogs is they don’t care if it’s raining, they don’t care if you are tired, they don’t care what sort of day you have had.  They have waited patiently for you to get home from work (ok, so the little beastie got a nice walkie at 6am in the morning) and all they want is a bit of attention, a bowl of kibble and a nice long walk.   And what’s so great about THAT you are thinking .  . .well for me it means that, no matter what, I come in the door, change out of the corporate suit and into some comfy sweats (and hopefully shorts at some point . . . ) and put on the North Van dog walkers uniform of gortex and gumboots and I head out for a long walk in the forest.   And no matter what sort of day I’ve had, I feel better when I get back from some quality time breathing fresh air and looking out to a horizon that’s further than my computer screen.    So the first thing to get left behind is that 10 hours of work burnout. 

My Best Boy Riley

My wrist injury is coming along slowly, it’s sort of a 2 steps forward, 1 step back thing.  As my amazing physiotherapist says, I’ve headed into Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” – he’s not only great at what he does, but funny too.   The Danger Zone is  the 3 – 5 week mark for this sort of injury where the worst of the pain is past (but not all) but the scar tissue hasn’t really had a chance to knit and heal.  So my wrist feels a bit better, I’m really bored and impatient with this wrist brace thing and I try to push the envelope.  That would turn the healing process  into 1 step forward and 2 back.  So the next thing I’m trying and leave behind is my impatience.   I’ve already had to leave behind some of my control freak ideas about being independent and not needing help – I’ve needed help and I’ve had to learn to both ask for it and accept it these last few weeks.   Oh yeah, my new pet hate – have you ever tried to open an umbrella with one left hand, in the rain?  Or worse yet, close it one-handed while getting on a crowded bus .  . . one thing I most assuredly wish was gone, but it keeps coming back – the damn rain.  Will it never end?

Blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron – gone, gone, gone.   I’ve actually survived all this time without applying a single hot tool to my flowing  tresses and guess what – it’s been OK!   I’ve gotten by with clips and hairbands and the world as I know it hasn’t come to an end.  I’d really love to do a great  hairdo one night when I go out, but I fear that I may end up looking like Edward Scissorhands of the Curling Iron if I get too ambitious – so it’s pony tails and it’s fine.

Edward Scissorhands

People come into our lives and sometimes people have to get out of our lives.  When they arrive they open doors we might have thought long closed.  They can be a muse; a source of inspiration.   They can change our lives in way we never saw coming.  But they can also become destructive, wasteful and lacking in respect for our time and energy and then . .  . .well I guess the only option is to leave them behind with a lot of other bothersome baggage.

 And the last thing to leave behind .  . .BOREDOM!!!   I’m packing up my little bag and heading out for a luxurious weekend at the gorgeous Fairmont Hotel in Seattle  – and oh yeah, it’s  gratis (insert huge smiley face!!!!).  One of perks of my job is that hotels are very amenable to spoiling someone who spends an awful lot of corporate money on travel and event planning . . .and who am I to say no to that. 

Lovin' Luxury
We’ve got some great blues clubs lined up – Highway 99 at Pike’s Market and the Musiquarium at the Triple Door and some great wine to drink at Purple.   Throw in some shopping and spa time – ahhhhh, I’m feeling all spoiled and the ruffled feathers and boredom are left soooo far behind.
Triple Door showtime!
I borrowed the title for this post from Greg Keeler of Blue Rodeo.  Their latest record has  the same name and Greg sings the title song.  It’s typical Greg, but I love it anyway.  And one thing I’ll never leave behind  – my fav band of all time!!  No tour dates announced yet for Vancouver this summer, but I’m watching for them.
and hell yeah – I finally figured out what was going on with the video insert widget and fixed it  – yahoooo

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