On the road again, I love being on the road again

It’s been a really long day. Got up at 4:00am this morning in Vancouver, caught an early flight to Phoenix, did 5 straight hours of meetings at the conference resort (yes, resort, not just hotel . . .it’s not all bad!) and here it is 10pm and I’m still working.   Doing up lists, lists and more lists.  Spreadsheets, sign up sheets, golf foursomes, dinner lists . . it just goes on, endlessly.  But I”m loving it.  Call me a crazy, but this is not all bad.  I”m organizing the logistics for a 4 day conference, complete with golf tournament. And I had a whole month (haha  – usually you have a year) to do it.  But all the details are coming together . . sort of.  Trying not to stress too much.  Taking breaks to do things like write a brief post in between the lists and spreadsheets helps with that.

This is the start of the roadtrip I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time.  I realized as I was out for a run last night that part of the reason for my recent restlessness was that I’d been at home, without any real break, for four entire months.  Maybe not long for some, but for me, I miss being out on the road.  The wingchick and I haven’t been this Vancouver bound for a while, although I think that maybe last year was an exceptional one.   So I’m enjoying the freedom of being on the road, even if it’s for work.   All I have to do is run this conference:  if I’m hungry or thirsty I call room service, someone makes up the room while I’m out, if I need laundry done I leave a bag with the concierge.  It’s not that bad – really!   No dishes, no cooking, no dog walking at 6am, no grocery shopping, no bus stop at 7am.    The one bit of news I got tonight is that one of our new exec’s has decided that it would be great for all the newbies (I’m one of them) to do a skit at dinner tomorrow night.  And not just any skit . . .our new prez wants us to get up there, in full costumes – and they are pretty crazy costumes – and do a karaoke of Abba’s “Dancing Queen”.  My initial reaction was  . . not a chance!   I might be the first one on board if I’m away with my dragonboat team for something like that  – in fact they know that I know all the words!!! – but for a work event when I’m one of 5 women at the entire conference.  OMG.  Can’t wait. 

I had given some thought to trying to do a video blog of my travels,  but so far I just haven’t had time.  I haven’t done a video blog yet and I wanted to see how that would work out.   At one point I thought it might be amusing to shoot some vid at 4am when I got up  – but when I did the reality of it was not so much fun and I kind of skipped that.  Can’t imagine why.  So maybe I’ll pass on the video of the biz part of the trip and start when I head up to Edmonton on Saturday.  Maybe it will be funny to shoot some video of getting up at 3:30am to get to the airport for my 6:30am flight.    Yikes.  

But the short story is:  Phoenix is warm and sunny and I love palm trees and room service.  The work is endless but rewarding.  There are some fun social events coming up, a spa visit and then a Goo’s road trip.  Life is pretty sweet and you know, you just have to enjoy the fun times and moments of happiness wherever you find them.

Here’s the view from my balcony.

I’d put up  a video or some music, but I’m just too tired to hunt down the one I want on YouTube.  I’ve had the Aggrolites in heavy, heavy rotation since we saw their show a couple of weeks ago.  The more I listen to their edgy, funky, dirty reggae, the more I like.  Funky Fire is just awesome – ok, so I took the time and found it.  Enjoy. 


One thought on “On the road again, I love being on the road again

  1. Sounds crazy and fun, and definitely a nice break from the hum-drum stuff of life. Maybe you should get someone to film Dancing Queen for your video post! That’s something I’d love to see. 🙂

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