If you’re going to have a birthday, make it a birthday week

Suffering from blogging withdrawal, need desperately to write . . .something, anything.   I knew that things were going to get a little crazy come February, but I had no idea just how bang-bang nutty it could get.   It’s been work, work, work  and fun, fun, fun non-stop since we rolled over into the fabulous Aquarian month.  My horoscope says that fiery Mars and Aries are in my house (or something like that) making me full of energy, potential trouble and a  hyperactive social life.  Well that pretty much describes the last two weeks.  

Just loving the new job; have not regretted for one single instant making the switch.   Hours are killer right now, but that should ease up in March.   I’m learning so much in such a short time.  Today, although fairly wilting from exhaustion, was one of the most interesting days I’ve had at work in a very long time.   I sit in with, and record for, the Board of Directors – it could not have been more fascinating – I’m not kidding.   Eight hours and 10 pages of notes, but every second of it was an education.    I’ve  also been tasked with organizing and running  a big conference in Phoenix for the end of the month – again, brutally long hours, but I love that sort of stuff and I’m good at it.   Not to mention going to Phoenix for a week . . .any excuse to stay in nice hotel, get in some time at the spa and order room service.   Lovin’ it. 

I have a pile of books, clippings and new CD’s on my desk  – it’s the pile of stuff I keep to remind me what I want to blog about.  It’s completely random; sometimes I’m reading the newspaper and cut out articles that tweak my interest, or I’m reading a review in a magazine and have to investigate further, or I’m bringing stuff home from concerts, shows etc.  And the books do tend to pile up.   I try to keep it under control, but it’s getting all tall and tippy, so here is my birthday week entertainment.  Wow, it was spendiferous.  

Last Saturday the wingchick and I went to see Hard Core Logo Live, a punk musical playing at the Rickshaw as part of the PuSH Festival,   Really interesting stuff and way outside mainstream.  

Hard Core Logo is the story of a formerly famous (sort of) punk band that gets back together for one last tour – with disastrous results.  It’s based on a book, the film adaptation of that book and a previous screenplay.  Original music was written just for the play by the  Joe “Shithead” Keithley of D.O.A. and he was also the musical consultant.   It was a great show because they nailed, right on the money, so many of the clichés of small time bands.   Clichés become clichés because they are so often true, and so much of what was in this show was deadly accurate.   The characters were predictable, but only because you see them so often.  The issues that they argued over were the same ones you hear over and over – clash of ego, “selling out”, money problems, and my personal fav – “Yes I’ll tour, but I’m not sleeping in the van“.  That one cracked us up.    There was another great line “Billy just wants the models and limousines, and I’m happy with hookers and taxi cabs”   I could write a whole post on that line alone, it says so much.  It was a really good show.

As luck would have it, a local band I’ve wanted to see, Natural Flavas, was playing just down the street at Calabash.  Looks like an unassuming restaurant somewhere in the depths of cracktown – but head downstairs and it was the  best basement party, with an awesome band and DJ, that I had ever been at.   Natty Flav’s played some killer reggae/dub and when the party overflowed the dance floor they did the only sensible thing – they moved all the tables out and opened it up.  It was quite the night.    

And while we are on the  reggae/dub thing  (just stretching our musical tastes a bit) we were out at Venue last night to hear some fantastic “dirty” reggae by The Aggrolites, who we first saw at Warped Tour a couple of years ago and have been watching for them to tour here.   They were amazing.  Reggae with a punk edge, or skinhead reggae is another name I’ve seen – whatever you want to call it,  it was another hot, sweaty dance party.  They were totally awesome and  totally entertaining.  As we said coming home, it’s hard to put your finger on what takes a band from so -so ok to great, but Aggro had it going on in spades.   Professional, tight, on the money good.  And maybe it was that dress I had to sew myself into . . .but it was a whole lotta fun . . just saying . . . .

And last but not least we finally got to see our own personal Fluffy –  the band you hear about but never actually get to see so you are not quite sure if they really exist or not – 22nd Century.  

Another seriously good, seriously under-appreciated local rock band.  The curious segway is that the drummer for 22nd Century is Zippy Pinhead, a legendary drummer from the old days of the Vancouver punk scene.  He was a contemporary of Joe Shithead and the character of the drummer in Hard Core Logo Live is clearly based on Zippy.   So we got to see him playing live in person (he’s still good) and also as a character in a play all in one week . . .curiouser and curiouser.   They are promoting their new record, Where’s Howie.   Not surprisingly, they have a much bigger following overseas than here . . .go figure.   Here’s I was a Teenage Underwear Model.  Thank god Zippy stays behind the drums!!

So that’s my crazy birthday week – oh yeah, except I forgot to mention I went on a real, honest-to-god date!!  Toes in the pond . . .  Gotta get some much needed sleep in time for my Saturday morning torture session, otherwise known as a Buckies dragonboat practice.    Got my writing fix in.


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