Quick Post: Things to love on a rainy Friday in Vancouver

  • Getting off work  – no question the best part of Friday night
  • Gastown – my stomping grounds

my stompin' grounds

Best cocktails in town

  1. Dine Out Vancouver – simply amazing meal at Cobre for $28
  1. Truly excellent wine from Desert Hills Winery on the Black Sage Bench in Osoyoos, BC

so yummy

  • The best dessert I ever ate – it was (oops, I almost said “oral”) sex in a martini glass
  • Stopping at the Starbucks by the Black Frog for tea and they have Joy!   Great music and the coolest location except maybe the original Starbucks at 1st and Pike
  • Arriving at the bus stop just as the #210 came around Cambie Street
  • The ride home through East Van is always a study in contrasts – it keeps life interesting
  • Dizzy Up the Girl on my iPod – oh Johnnie, one more vapid model added to the tally, but sweet cars!
  • Someone left a Georgia Straight on my seat – best personals, best music listings, crap music critics – really, get over yourselves  – but I  laughed all the way home
  • My fireplace
  • Writing my blog:   I know I can do that anywhere, but would it be as interesting (at least to me)?
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Tomorrow I get to paddle on False Creek

And, of course, the company of good friends.  Sometimes I wonder if there is anywhere  better  to live . . .there are for sure so many awesome places to visit . . .but living in Vancouver is THE BEST.


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