How Many Chargers are Necessary? An Electronic Packing List

At the end of February I will be going on a week-long combined business and personal trip.  I leave on Wednesday headed to Phoenix for a conference and then on Saturday fly to Calgary and drive to Edmonton on a  road trip to see a couple of Goo Goo Dolls concerts.  

So much fun, so little time.  It’s going to be a crazy schedule – there are way too many days that I have to be up at 4:00am to make the first flight out and as soon as  I’m wheels down in my destination  it’s on to either the next adventure (not so bad) or into work (doable, but harsh).    I get back into Vancouver the following Tuesday, leaving Calgary on the 7am flight, into YVR at 7:30am (time change!) and I’ll be at my desk by 8am (all going well).  

And no rest, we have a couple more Goo’s shows to go – Vancouver on Wednesday and then Portland and Seattle the following weekend.   Whew – epic trip.   But the Goo’s don’t tour out here that often, so we want to see all the shows we can. 

Now some of you might think this is crazy  – well actually it probably is – but it should also be a ton of fun and I can’t wait.   Having to organize a conference the week before this came as a bit of a surprise, but heck, anything that will buy me a few days of warm sunshine is fantastic.  Also they didn’t really give me the option of saying no . .

So in anticipation of this whirlwind of work, frivolity and good times,  as I was coming  home tonight I was mentally making a list of the electronics I would be packing to take with me.  Maybe because I will have a lot of details to be responsible for at the conference, or because  it was a day fraught with computer issues at work, or maybe because it’s only a month away and I’m super organized (or really obsessive or other less flattering adjectives . . . ) I like to start making my mental packing lists early.  Which leads me to the subject of my post tonight – all the electronic devices and peripherals I have to pack. 

  1. Laptop – must remember charger, external backup and various USB keys. 
  2. Printer – rent at conference or courier ahead of time. 
  3. Blackberry – essential work communication device when you are on call 24/7.  Remember charger – wall and USB.
  4. Camera – my own.  I want to make a video blog of the Goo’s concerts, so I need the battery charger plus the USB cable for same day transfers.
  5. iPod – never leave home without it.   Makes hotels bearable.  Maybe I can load my iTunes onto my laptop and run music from there – but the speakers are crappy . . . .hmm, more stuff to figure out.  Remember charger and earbuds.
  6. Smartphone – my own front line of communication with the fam and friends.    Charger and USB in one – a bonus!  Could also put music on Smartphone – but needs additional memory card plus all my music is on iTunes and I have an Android phone.   And it’s supposed to take amazing high def photos and video – but I only got it a week or so ago . .don’t know how reliable I will be with it . . . yet more stuff to figure out.
  7. Tom Tom GPS?   Ok so this is a maybe.  As in maybe I can use the GPS on the smartphone for finding my way to random casino’s outside of Edmonton – why oh why Johnnie are you playing the Pacific Northwest Casino Tour??????   But I digress, that’s a whole other subject.    So the GPS is a maybe, given that the  BB and smartphone both have built-in maps.  

So that makes a total of 7 electronic devices plus all their peripheral charging cables etc.  Oh My God.  I am going to need a separate carry-on just for all that crap.   And where am I going to put my shoes?    

Here’s the Goo’s latest video, Not Broken, which is particularly appropriate coz it looks just like the old iPod commercials.  Short and sweet post. 


4 thoughts on “How Many Chargers are Necessary? An Electronic Packing List

  1. Haha – It’s so true. I have two large bags full of my electronics and peripherals. It’s nuts. When I traveled here to Vancouver, those bags took up as much room as my clothing. How sad! I actually had to get RID of shoes (and clothes) to fit my digi. gear. On the bright side, it means I get to go on “thrift store binges” these days and not feel super guilty!!

  2. wow, sounds pretty nuts. I have no idea where you get all the energy, Haze, but good for you. And I bet none of your daughter’s friends’ parents are cool enough to be following a band on tour. lol.

    1. haha, you just have to ignore stuff like housework – though I’m vacuuming tonight – but only because I just got rid of my Christmas tree. Priorities are important! I will have to carefully edit the roadtrip posts though 🙂

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