Stagettes and Other Forms of Urban Education

Stagette’s are a lot of fun.  Sure there is a bit of wreckage to be cleaned up the next day, but most definitely as a social convention they are hard to be beat for full-on, take no prisoners good times.  We held a stagette for two friends on Friday night and it was hilarious . . . and strangely education.   If you are hoping  – or fearful – that there will be salacious stories involving male strippers, inappropriate hook-ups, misplaced friends or tigers, you can read on (or stop) because  it wasn’t The Hangover,  although I’m pretty sure we were all a bit the worse for wear on Saturday morning – or afternoon, depending on when you got to bed and got up – personally I fall into the latter category.   So in no particular order, here are some of the things I learned on Friday night:

My “rules of life” were stupid and I should have ditched them a long time ago.  One of those rules was that I should keep my work and personal lives separate, so I have not done a lot of partying with my friends from work outside of corporate events.   Stupid mistake.   They are a ton of fun and I’ve been missing out on some good times.   One more rule on the junk heap.   Thank god I’m slowly but surely getting rid of all of those damn rules and thank goodness they still invite me, even if I don’t work there anymore.   There is a birthday party at the end of the month I’m betting is going to be a good one!

Guys from Yellowknife are a lot of fun.  Especially if they came into town to write their final constitutional law exams that day and are now intent on blowing off some steam.  Mix that group with a stagette . . .yup, it was a sure recipe for a crazy night.  Lots of laughs, lots of dancing and lots of shooters.  

Mickey D’s on Granville Street is a sight to behold at 3:00am.   I suspect it’s a lot funnier to be there than to be working that shift, but it’s certainly a study in social interaction.   The bars empty out, everyone is hungry and Maccers seems like the ideal place to go.   Mayhem.   But  then you get to watch all the potential hookups that are still in the “undecided” category and see how they fare under harsh flourescent lights without pounding music.   I suspect that some of those beer goggles get a bit clearer, but a lot stay firmly in place and off they go in search of  . . . ?    

Getting to a party is somehow always easier than getting home.   For those not on the hook-up trail, a lot of that dance energy starts to dissipate around the same time you finish your order of fries and you realize it’s now 3:30am, you may, like me, have been up since 5:00am the day before – 22 hours straight, not bad . . .just saying   . . .and there is no more transit  – even the night buses have stopped running.   So it’s the seemingly endless walk to Georgia Street to find a cab and you are now very cold and very tired.    My emergency fallback for a cab is to head straight to the Four Seasons, or other convenient high-end  hotel and grab a cab there – the only time it has ever failed me was on New Years Eve, but that was New Years after all.   I got lucky on Saturday night and got one right away.  Thanks be, cause I was about out of steam.

People meet their husbands-to-be in all sorts of different ways and circumstances.   We were in that conversational zone where people are prone to share confidences (it falls between the addition of copious amounts of booze but before the guys and dancing part really kicks off) and out came the stories about how people had met their husbands or partners.  The best story, hands down, and one that stopped all conversation for a minute (it took us a while to process) was “Oh yeah, I met my husband at my stagette in Vegas”.    Huh??  If you were at your stagette, weren’t you already getting married to someone . .wait a minute – you met SOMEONE ELSE at your stagette?   OMG.  True story.   She met the guy she is now married to while at her stagette in Vegas.   It took a while for the whole story to come out  – they lived in different cities, she was engaged  – you know, there were a few issues – but now she has moved to Vancouver and is happily married.   She did say that there was no stagette for this wedding – gee I wonder why!

Meeting your spouse/lover/partner through online dating is REALLY common.  Although no-one could top the Vegas stagette story,  another woman at the table, who was sporting a really huge diamond ring, fessed up that she met her fiancée through an online dating site.  They are getting married in a couple of months.  And I have another friend who met her partner through online dating  and  he didn’t even live in the same country at the time.   But he’s moved to Canada, they have bought a home together where they  live happily and I’m sure a wedding is not far off.    And in case you are harbouring any nasty stereotypes of the woman (or men) who might be online dating, both of these woman are  educated and have successful and well-paid careers, they are beautiful, funny and entertaining.  In other words, really good catches.   Maybe online dating is the way of the future.   Maybe it’s something I should consider further . . . .only I’m not looking for a partner, just a really good friend – hahahaha – there’s a name for that!!   Or maybe I should move to Yellowknife . . .it’s another thought.

Final thing I learned – and this is a not an uncommon piece of knowledge in Vancouver – Chad Kroeger (yes, that Chad – Nickelback Chad) is a nice guy, very approachable,  lots of fun and a dog.   In the same confessional conversational vein as meeting your husband-to-be at your stagette, once one of the gals dropped her “how I met Chad” story, out came the rest of them.  Hmmm, there were a surprising number of those stories and of them were  remarkably similar.  They were out at a bar and met Chad, he was super nice, very approachable, they had a couple of drinks and then next thing he’s headed to the bathroom and they are invited to come along.    Since none of the gals accepted the very chivalrous invitation (or at least were not smashed enough to admit to that!) we were left to wonder just what, exactly, would have happened.  Not being completely naive we figured it involved sex and/or drugs, but what combination of those was the subject of quite a bit of speculation and a lot of laughs.  Gotta love those bad boys.  

One post with Nickelback music is enough and since I’ve already crossed that barrier, today’s musical offering is from Spirit of the West.    We were at Ceil’s all night and  no quasi-Irish band worth it’s salt would close out a night in Vancouver without a SOTW song and Home for a Rest is one of the all time faves.   And with all apologies to SOTW, this  is a version of Home from a show called Hardstock 2008 that was held at the Commodore and features a “just for tonight” compilation band called the Hard Ones – if you look you will recognize a lot of local musicians.  And the young redhead is John’s son, Harlan – obviously a showman like his Dad.   It was a fundraiser for another local musician, Scotty Harding, who was terribly injured in an accident in New York and, like a lot of these guys who give up so much to entertain us, he had no medical insurance.  So the Vancouver music community got together and threw a huge fundraising bash –  it was an amazing night of music, a ton of fun and raised a lot of money to help out one of their own.   It brought back a lot of good memories watching the videos and it certainly says something about my life that I keep coming across YouTube videos of shows I’ve been at – you can decide for yourself, but for me it says I’m doing something right!


4 thoughts on “Stagettes and Other Forms of Urban Education

  1. Hey Wendy, yes I remember seeing the Sharp Twigs 🙂 But I didn’t realize Nick organized that – good for him. There was just so much talent in the room that night. And It was really interesting talking the brides to be and also the young married women at the stagette – totally different perspective. I have an upcoming blogpost just about ready to go – it ended up being so long I’m trying to figure out how to split it into two posts.

  2. Re Hardstock – now do you remember seeing the Pointed Sticks there? Nick organized that. If not, look for more youtube videos of it…Great blog. Stagettes are truly educational, as long as I’m not the one getting married!

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