How Social Media saved me from Fludom (like boredom – but when you have the flu)

Even though I have spent the majority of the last two days (and maybe tomorrow as well) in bed with the flu, I have found that one of the great saving graces of being a self-confessed social media junkie is that you are never bored.  Grab your laptop, prop yourself up on some comfy pillows and make some tea and you can visit with friends, catch up on news and read hilarious blogs  all day long .  Facebook, WordPress, Blogspot,  BBM or just plain old school email, the messages and news just keep coming in.   And, as a bonus, your buddies are  not exposed to your nasty germs.   

And having done all that scouring of various sites I have at least six ideas for upcoming posts  already saved in drafts.  So while I may not have gotten one single step closer to finishing my Christmas shopping (finishing – who am I kidding, I haven’t even started!), putting up the decorations (the boxes are piled in the middle of my living room) or procuring the best Charlie Brown tree on the lot (my daughter and I have a fondness for Charlie Brown trees, kind of like stray kittens or sad puppies) I’ve had a veritable bonanza of good news and interesting conversations and I didn’t have to go to work.   Maybe my standards are falling, but it was a pretty good day. 

On the good news front – one of my favourite local bands, Incura, posted that they have signed a recording contract.  Can there be a much more exciting day for an up and coming band?    I don’t think so. Way to go guys, well deserved.  Wish I could be at the blow out New Years Party in Lethbridge, it will be a show to remember!

Other good news – a new Green Day song!!!!!  Yup, I’m pretty excited about that one.  While I totally love that Billie Joe and the boys have been exploring their musical talent on Broadway, I am WAY more excited that they have put out a new song with Jesse Malin under the name Rodeo Queens.    It’s hitting YouTube and all the Rock Blogs and I feel the same way as a lot of the comments I have seen posted – great song, Jesse kicks it, but I wish Billie Joe had more vocals  – he only sings back up.  Nonetheless, I’ll take a new Green Day song anytime.    Here is the video.    

Still more good news – Yellowcard has announced that they are dropping a new record, When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes  in March, 2011 and going on tour to support it.   And they are coming to Seattle to play the ShowBox – awesome venue, fantastic band, it will be a great night (even on a Monday).  Last time we went there it was to see Third Eye Blind – there were a lot of shots of Patron involved and the wingman got into a cat fight as I recall  . . . but it was totally justified, I was there I know and I had her back. 

Lastly, I read a great blog from my new blogging friend, CharlieJ. I discovered her because we use a lot of the same tags on our blogs, but we are writing from totally opposite sides of the spectrum.  Her blog is called 365 Days of Celibacy  – subject is fairly self-explanatory.    Her post  today was about whether going on a date with a cute guy she has recently met is a good idea when you are trying to remain celibate for a year.  Me,  I don’t think so.   My comments to her are below, it made me laugh out loud.

You begged for advice – here it is. I can only think of 3 reasons to go on a date:
1. You want to meet fun new friends to hang out with, do stuff with, you know – buddies.
2. You meet someone and he is so hot all you can think about is getting him naked.
3. You meet someone who really piques your interest, you want to get to know more about him, he’s super cute and maybe, just maybe it might be more.

Ok, so of these 3 scenarios, if your date is a number 1. you are ok. If he’s a number 2 and you are not fessing up – your celibacy vow is totally screwed. And if he’s a number 3 – well sooner or later the S.E.X. subject is going to come up – literally and figuratively speaking – and I’m guessing sooner rather than later and then what?   So as far as dating during this year, unless he’s a number 1 – this cowgirl is going to get back on the horse . . .just saying

And the final piece of good news is all my own.  When I started writing this blog I truly didn’t know if one other person in the entire universe would ever read it.   But I love writing it so much, I thought I’d just keep on keeping on with it.  But the most amazing thing is happening – I’m getting between 20 and 50 hits on every post I put up.  And they are not  just my friends and family – I’m getting all sorts of comments from complete strangers out there in blogland.  It’s one of the most rewarding things that has happened to me in a long time.   And so even sick with a fever, box of tissues in hand here I am getting my daily writing fix.   It might not be the most thoughtful or insightful post  I’ve written, I’ve got those on the burner for when I can think more than one sentence ahead again, but it was fun.  And that is my goal in life right now, to have the most fun I can.   Well that and getting Freshly Pressed, the ultimate in blog stardom. 

And for all that, I owe a huge debt of thanks to the friend who got me started blogging: without his inspiration, I don’t think I would ever have started.  Thank you.  Don’t stop writing.


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