Holy Sh** I Quit My Job

On the “pushing the envelope” scale, I’d say quitting your well paid, full of great perks job of seven years is about an 8.    It’s been a roller coaster two weeks.   But I’m working on changes in my life and this was one change that definitely needed to happen.  For six of the last seven years I’ve been one of those aberrant people who love their job.  Even though it means I get up at 5:30am every morning and it can be brutally tough, I loved it.  It was challenging, ever-changing and fun.   I have a low boredom threshold so it suited me perfectly.  Then my company went through a series of corporate restructurings and everything changed.  As much as I loved the past six years, I’ve hated the last eight  months that much.  

So if I’m going to really follow through on pushing back the borders of my life, of expanding my boundaries, I needed to take the difficult step of getting out of the quagmire that my professional life had become.   The status quo, even when miserable,  is almost always easier than change,  which is difficult and scary as hell.  But change  can also bring the greatest rewards.  I’m not an expert on where our societal expectations about enduring, persevering or just plain “putting up” comes from – I think it’s probably from a time when there were no other (or far fewer) options in life; when putting up and shutting up was about the only option.   For many their roles in life were so rigidly defined that it took a sort of extraordinary courage to push back against that and refuse to settle for second or third or fifteenth best.   But regardless, some people did taken the less traveled path, they led by example and opened up unique ways of thinking and living for the rest of us to follow, if we choose to do so.  And I’m choosing.

But I’m not completely crazy, I’m not going to sell everything and go live off-grid in a yurt on an island.  I have a mortgage and university tuition to pay.  I quit because I have what I truly hope is a much better gig to go to.  I actually think I may have landed flat-out in clover, but I won’t know that for sure for a while, but so far so good.  And somewhere I cashed in a few good karma chips, because it not only met, but exceeded the best criteria I had hoped for in a new job.  I”m so thankful and so happy.   Actually I think I’ve been a bit delirious, but the sense of relief has been profound. 

And because nothing ever happens to me in a normal way, I landed this new job right smack in the middle of Da Punk Rock Princess Party  – no kidding.  In full costume.  Standing in the alley outside a really  dubious bar.  I got the call from my recruiter the day before Da Punk Rock Princess Party and had my third and final interview about an hour before I had to get into costume . . . hmmm, costumes seem to be a bit of a theme in this blog. . .  read on.   Then I had to fend of libations while I ducked outside every 20 minutes to take another call as we finalized the terms and did the deal.   It felt a lot like a high wire balancing act.   A very bizarre day.    Then I had to quit the next day.   It was an action packed week. 

And since I’m leaving my firm anyway,  I figured I should go out with a bang and party it up big time at my Corporate Christmas Party.   I’ll say one thing, this company does know how to throw a party.   This is what the Commodore Ballroom looked like at Party Lift-Off minus 30 minutes last night.

And wow, did I get into the festive spirit.   First, it was a Masquerade Party so we got to wear masks . . .hmmm did I mention that I LOVE Grown Up Dress Up.  Nothing like a bit of anonymity to bring out the wild child in me.   That’s me in the blue mask, tequila shot in one hand, crantini chaser in the other .  . . can you see where this is headed?

   Tequila in one hand, crantini in the other

I should say that despite being a fun-loving gal in my personal life, I am always professional at work – I never do things like go to corporate events, drink too much  and make a spectacle of myself.  Those rules, you know, the ones I’m getting rid of?  I’ve always followed them strictly, particularly at work.  Maybe it’s the Silly Season, or maybe it’s the delirious relief,  but I sure made up for some of those years of proper corporate behaviour last night. 

1.   Got smashed at the company Christmas party. 

2.  Made a spectacle of myself. 

3.  There are pic’s to prove it! 

Now I think that good friends, seeing their compadre downing tequila shots and Jaegerbombs and then behaving . . . somewhat indiscreetly . . . would maybe walk over,  grab you and put your sorry ass in a cab.  Not my friends, oh no, they get out their freaking’ iPhones and take pictures.  So they can email them around.  Nice.   I’m expecting a call from Human Resources any minute – but maybe since I’m leaving anyway I’m off the hook for this one.  I hope. 

But I did manage to not take complete leave of my senses and I dragged my own sorry ass out of there and got into a cab home.  There was a lengthy discussion (while waiting for a cab in the valet area of one of our posher downtown hotels) about whether I should waste the time cabbing home and then back to work in a few hours or just have a friendly sleepover with my knight in shining armour.  The entire discussion took place right in front of the doormen, who were, surprisingly, not busy at 1:00am.   I’m pretty sure they were placing bets on the outcome.  

 But I did make it home, halo only slightly askew but with my virtue otherwise intact.  I woke up a few scant hours later at 5:30am with the only damage from the night before being really sore feet from dancing in 5″ silver heels all night and my eyes stuck together because I forgot to take off my false eyelashes.   It’s perilous being a rulebreaker, what can I say.  And in case you are wondering, I was not alone in my mis-adventures last night.   One of my co-workers commented this morning, as we all sat with our heads in our hands regaling each other with tales of the night before “I drove to work so carefully this morning because I was scared of getting pulled over and getting a DUI on the way to work the next day”  Yup, they know how to party.  Wonder what the new place will be like?

In Heavy Rotation:  It’s been a party sort of week so I’ve been listening to a great local Vancouver band, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.   These guys recently won the Alternative Press/Nike Airwalk Unsigned Heroes contest and joined the AP Tour for some of the Western US dates, including a show at HOB in Vegas on Halloween.  Hardcore great. 

The Printed Word:  Who had time to read??  I’ve barely had time to sleep, I have no clean underwear and my house is a disaster.   Weekend of clean up and catch up coming right up.

Why do you wanna dance?
It’s the expression I feel when I hear the music in my ear
Why do you wanna sing?
It’s the sound coming out when I’m communicating

“Cadillac Phunque” – Family Force Five


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