Da Punk Rock Princess Party Playlist

Well it’s here,  the Silly Season.  You know, that time of year when you go out for alcohol fueled social events with the people you work with.   If you are like me, there are some people who you like, some that are just simply people you work with and some that you would gladly throw under a bus (or a Mack truck) given the opportunity.    I’m one of the social organizers at my office, which means I get to spend extraordinary amounts of my personal time making sure the self-same people mentioned above have a great time at numerous social events, including the Christmas Party. 

My party is tomorrow, so tonight my task has been to put together a whole stack of CD’s burned from playlists on my iTunes.  Now my personal taste in music runs to punk rock, the nastier the better.  Screamo – bring it on.  Metal, love it.  Top 40 – shoot me now, my ears are bleeding.  I do know, however, that my personal idea of a great party song may not be everyone’s.  Especially since I work in the very conservative world of investment banking.   Our parties may be completely over the top in terms of money spent and debauchery indulged in, but musical tastes are firmly Top 40.  Ugghh.  But it has been a lot of fun going through my entire iTunes library, doing the “oh I totally forgot about that one” thing and trying to pick out a few songs that just might work.   I’ve put together a selection of my faves, so let’s see how Da Punk Rock Princess Party Playlist works on the bus.  I can’t wait. 

So what’s a punk rock princess like me to do, since I do need some CD’s people will actually listen to and not throw me off the bus over?  Easy – I enlist the help of my 20-something daughter to put together a great club vibe – dance party – top 40 playlist.  She’s doing a brilliant job.   And in case you are wondering WHY I need burned CD’s – we are traveling around our fair city in two limo buses, from the site of one over-indulgence to another.  In costume.  No kidding.  Lunch, bar hopping, bull riding, dinner, clubbing – it’s an all day (and half the night) event.  

Our costume theme this year is “Super Heroes and Villains”.   It’s a pretty good theme.  For the last two years I have been cursed with the worst costume ideas possible.  Once a theme was decided on, costume ideas were thrown into a hat and we had to pull one out.  Two years ago I pulled “Charlie Brown”.  There is no sexy Charlie Brown.  Work pants, hiking boots, a plaid shirt and ball cap  – there is no way to get your sexy on in that.  Well except for getting hit on by a remarkable number of women.   Then last year we had an Alice In Wonderland theme – from the movie – should have been a shoe in for great costume, right?   I got the freaking Turtle. Who even knew there was a turtle.   No lingerie is ever involved in turtle costumes.  

So this year I decided I didn’t care what the theme was, I had a fabulous costume and I was wearing it.  In a story worthy of its own blog posting, a good friend and I decided that we had to go to Vegas for Halloween this year.   And since we were going to see some friends playing at the  House of Blues on the Alternative Press/Nike Airwalk tour – a punk rock tour if there ever was one, I figured I’d be a punk rock princess.  So me, my tutu, striped tights, biker boots and top hat headed to Sin City for the Naughtiest Night of the Year.   It was an awesome costume and an awesome trip.  So that’s what I’m wearing to my work party.  I can’t see what can go wrong?

I’m going to post this tonight, without any fancy editing, so that I can report back on Thursday (tomorrow will be out of the question) on how it went.  Did I mention that my company is going through a very unhappy merger.  And that one person quit today.  More are considering that as a viable option.  So let’s throw us all together on a party bus, crank up the tunes and pour some shots.   It’s the Silly Season.

Punk Princess and Vampire


4 thoughts on “Da Punk Rock Princess Party Playlist

  1. Hope you have a blast tonight!

    I’m glad you linked here from fb – thanks for the Incura, I can imagine that it was a great show! Had B&J over for dinner on Saturday last week for some salmon and Tempranillo was really good to have a visit with them.

    Can’t wait to find out how the Punk Rock Christmas Party went – hopefully the biker boots don’t take you anywhere too crazy~!

    Blog on!


  2. You write with clarity, honesty and candor …. very enjoyable.
    Just for the record .. two guys could never crash a show that way and get away with it …

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